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We believe in pursuing a highly developed and updated process of talent acquisition that connects the right minds, bringing a high productivity in the work environment. In the modern age with proliferating human resources, our cutting-edge solutions that come with the understanding of both the industry standards and work culture in today’s scenario, helps us in landing on the most efficient staffing solutions.

We equip an organisation with both

Permanent staffing

We focus on the right discovery of talent who come with both quality and permanency. Our strategic method helps in right assessment and recruitment of workforce that would add value to the company’s growth by aiding the core business operations on a long term basis. This way, an efficient talent pool takes place at a pace faster than ever, fully-equipped to take up the critical business functions.

Contract staffing

We support a company’s immediate goals and keep it up with the current competition with assessment and recruitment done on a contractual basis. The flexibility across location and skillsets that temporary employment involves is rightly focused with our strategic approach. This way, business goals are rightly met with.

BGV Background Verification

We are certified providers of seamless background verification of employees both pre and post-employment, making your company one of the many stable companies in India that take up the process. An in-depth background screening supported by risk management is taken forward with high confidentiality of the information. Our multi-phased extensive screening services aid the safe functioning of a company with quality employees. The integrated services include

      • Screening employee history such as work history, academic history and credentials.
      • Check for criminal & other legal records and insurance claims.
      • Client servicing.
      • Back office operations.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We aid in outsourcing the resource management that brings a high increase in efficiency, scalability and cost management included in the human resource management. The integrated process utilising the advanced technology and best practices escalate the efficiency of the entire process. By focusing on the specific needs and goals of your company, we pursue a recruiting trend that rightly meets your organisation’s needs. New technologies include

      • Predictive analytics.
      • Talent communities.
      • Social recruiting.

Payroll Management

Our payroll management services help in organisation of the regular financial processes and on-time payment of the salary of the employees that ease the extensive financial process. We help in bringing financial stability and consistency with maintenance of the company’s financial records in with an advanced financial management system. Both the employer and the employee get the privilege of better time management and hassle-free processes. Our partner in the sale of acu batteries (in Ukrainian акумуляторна батарея) in Ukraine enjoys our help in managing the salaries of their employees. We are one of the measurable number of organisations that build a company’s financial integrity with payroll management services.

• Corporate Payroll management

Our special focus lies on the corporate sector where we build a company’s stable image by extending our protection over the morale of the employees.

The Pro of RPO includes

Efficient process utilising the key performance indicators

This method goes beyond the conventional recruiting metrics by considering the modern-day factors such as work culture etc. With this, talent acquisition takes its position as a trusted expert within the organization.


Reduced cost-per-hire and time-to-hire

Talent acquisition being a direct influencer of business value could save time and speed up strategic tasks such as workforce planning, performance management and more.

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